Individual membership of IPSoc is open (subject to committee approval) to any:

Any person fulfilling the above criteria who wishes to join IPSoc must practice in the UK, whether in private practice or in house.

Applications for membership from individuals falling outside of the criteria set out above will be considered by the Committee on a case-by-case basis and the Committee will use its discretion to determine whether to approve the application.

To apply for membership for the 2013-14 membership year, please send your completed membership form to the address stated on the form, and pay the membership fee. NOTE: We understand that the form may not open in certain browsers. If you are having trouble, please try this alternative link, or try using an alternative browser such as Internet Explorer.

The individual membership fee of £40 per annum (2013-14 membership year) is payable upon joining and for membership to continue must be renewed on an annual basis in November. Applications for membership may be made at any time; however there is no reduction to the fee payable for applications made during the course of the membership year. Please note that IPSoc is not able provide invoices ahead of payment of membership fees. However, should you require a receipt for any payment, please send a request to; a receipt will be issued upon funds being cleared in IPSoc's bank account.

For further information on membership of IPSoc please contact the Membership Secretary (